OT: F1 Season begins Sunday!!

I've been counting the days since last season ended, I hope the new Ferrari 248 is as good as schumi says.

Its running live at 6:00am (Uggg), but they are replaying at noon. We could sleep in a little and catch the noon replay. I'd be willing to offer my place. Its got a 90 gallon reef and a 50" flat screen. I need nothing else. :)

...... except a 200 gallon reef ;)
big nascar fan myself, but am curious about the f1 race in st.pete, anyone know when it is?
Actually to be specific it isn't CART it is IRL. They are the two open-wheel sanctioning bodies that run primarily in the US. IRL used to be just a roundy-round group but they have started running road courses and street circuits. They put on a good show last year here in St. Pete.

O, I believe the St. Pete race is the first week of April. I'm hoping to make it.

So anybody interested in a ReeF1 get together?
F1 rocks! It is my favorite, that and supercross. This Sunday is not so good for me though. Thank God I got Tivo!
F1 is cool... nothing like the sound of a v10 screaming by... oh wait... nevermind :cool: hahah