Pairing Maroon Clowns


Ok.....let me just start by saying that I have done a bunch of reading on this before I sat down to ask the forum this question. I have a glod striped maroon clown fish that has been in my tank for about 2.5 - 3 years. She is the only fish in a 46gal. Reef tank and I would like to find a mate for her....but I realize that it might be very challenging. I was wondering if anyone as tried this and could give me some good pointers.

I did read the article about clownfish and anemones in the "new to the hobby forum" and I was thinking about starting with the authors suggestions which is:

Buy a small gold striped clown before it has reached sexually maturity, put it in a container that will protect it but will allow water flow, introduce it to the tank.......and see how the female that I already have reacts to the new one.

Let me know if you have any ideas that could help me have success with the difficult challenge.
I have a 3" goldstripe female. I added a white stripe juvenile, and she would not allow him into the anemone, but he would keep shaking and doing the cheek kiss thing. The next day they were always together. I would try to just add a small juvenile, and see how it goes. If it gets to rough then I would seperate. IME initial chasing is necessary. I have paired clarkiis the same way. It seems the smaller the juvinile the less aggressive the female will be.