Pistol shrimp for my goby?


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Long story:
For our first fish my husband wanted an orange diamond goby. The LFS didn't have any at the time but they said they'd call if they got any in. A few days later they called we picked it up, got home and realized it was an orange spotted goby. We felt bad for the poor thing so we kept him. Named him Tigger.

Fast forward...my husband never got over wanting a sand sifting goby so 6 weeks ago we got a yellow headed sleeper. Beaker.

The 2 gobies are ok together. BUT...I'm starting to feel bad for Tigger. I was thinking maybe he'd like a pistol shrimp but...

SHORT STORY-I'm concerned that adding a pistol shrimp would be too many bottom dwelling, sand sifting, burrow digging creatures in the tank.

Do you think it could work?

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Pistols are great. Mine is currently without a fishy mate, but still works it's little heart out. Mine's a tiger pistol. They are larger than the Randall's pistol and IME much more industrious. I see my pistol a lot. When I had the Randall's years ago I rarely saw it.

If you do get a pistol, after acclimation, release it near where your goby is. They should pair up fairly quickly.


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I went into the LFS a week ago to get a Randal goby and tiger pistol pair but when I went in the pistol was in hiding and couldn't be found, so I went ahead and got the goby and figured I would give him some time to get comfy in the tank. He immediately went to the back of the tank and made a den and would only pop out during feeding time.

Went back this past weekend and the tiger pistol was out so I got him. After acclimating him I dropped him on the side of the tank where the goby was and it wasn't 30 min before the goby found him and now they are happily together. A very cool pair to watch. Best of luck!


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Thanks everyone. I really think the goby would like to have his own shrimp. Right now he hangs out by the cleaner shrimp, but they don't love him the same :p


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I had a pink spot gob and I aded a Tiger pistol. Within an hour they hitched up and have been inseperable for about a year now.


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I really like my Tiger Pistol/Orage Spotted Prawn Goby pair. Only warning I have is if you any frags on the bottom, move them. It seems I'm going on a frag hunt every day when I notice something missing. I have found more than 1 at the entrace to his burrow being used as a support column for their sand mansion.

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+1 move the frags & secure them, it's cute when you find a mushroom being used as a door, not so cute when they stop showing up on the sand bed, lessons learned the hard way :)


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I have a tiger shrimp and a candy cane gobie. I introduced the goby first and then the pistol shrimp a week or so later ( for no paticular reason other than availability at LFS). These two became fast friends and have made a burrow in the front of my 210 gal tank ( I got lucky they made their home front and center). I see them daily especially at feeding time. I do occasionally place a piece of a silver-side near the opening of the burrow. Within seconds I see the pistol dragging it into it's cave.
I love mine. Wish you the best.


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Does it have to be a tigers pistol? Or does any pistol shrimp work fine?

Find one you like and read up on it. Some are commensal with Gobies and some aren't. If you aren't worried about it living with a Goby then just make sure it's reef safe and you should be OK.