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Setting up a 120 gal 4'x2'x2' Mixed reef- any suggestions on fish? looking for bottom - middle -top. i am going with Blue Chromis for schooling- would like an angel and a tang- watchman goby for bottom- my son wants an eel but I dont thik so.

What would you suggest


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Get Scott Michael's book on the 100 best aquarium fish. This will give you a great beginning to your very personal choices.

Kahuna Tuna

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I would stay with the smaller tang and angel species for a 120. Most of the zebrasoma would do well but the sailfins get big. The bristletooth tangs are all great fish and stay small, plus they are great algae eaters. As far as angels go you have a lot of choices but I would stay away from the holacanthus and pomacanthus as most of them quite large. Most of the Chaetodontoplus and Apolemichthys angels stay smaller and are a better fit for a 120.


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I really like the Kole Tang and Flame Angel. I am planning on getting both for my tank, but right now i'm to obsessed with filling it with coral :D Beware the flame angel (or any angel for that matter) may nip at your coral, but chances are it won't. As if you haven't heard that disclaimer before.