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Hello, i am a senior taking an aquatic science class, we have been assigned an original experiment in the subject, my team has chosen to do behavior of cat sharks i under stand there are different types.
im asking what would be the best for us to get? i am guessing a marbled or a bamboo.

we have a very good tide pool tank the is roughly 330 gallons

i need to know everything i need for the recommended shark i have been doing research out the butt but it would be nice to have input from real people, treat me like i know absolutely nothing about sharks and tell me EVERYTHING i would possibly need to get i want to leave nothing out plz

(in case anyone was worried our experiment will be closely monitored by the instructor who is a very competent man and knows how to handle these kinds of things, i don’t know if he has a done a shark specifically but it would not surprise me)

thank you

PS ill take any links too good site on the subject too


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First off WELCOME TO REEFCENTRAL!!!!!The first thing you need to know is cat sharks and bamboo sharks are from a different genus.There are 2 different types of cat sharks that are available to the aquarium trade,coral cat and marbled cat sharks.They look very simular just one has more defined markings and one has kind of molted markings.The coral cat shark is more common that the marbled so that would be a good choice.I would reccomend you get the book Aquarium Sharks and Rays by,Scott W Michael.That book will help you a lot.I am currently starting a breding project for several shark species including coral cat sharks,so I can help you a little bit aswell.What are the dim of the pond?Is it up and running and all water parameters are in check?Does it have a big skimmer?What kind of substrate are you using in it?I would reccomend a fine sand bottom witha few large caves for the shark to hide in during the day,these sharks are nocturnal and usually only become active at night,so you need to have lots of swimming room.This will help you get started,after you answer the above questions we can go from there.I know there is a web sit dedicated to sharks and rays but I have not been able to find it,so if anyone has a link to that site please post it here for me and guymn999.I hope this helps,Chris


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pond dim's= 5x4 about 2 feet deep
has liverock and live sand in it
i have a berlin triple bypass protien skimmer
anything you need to kknow just ask


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also what would be the best way to arrange the tank?
i know it likes a caveto sit in but should i have a lot of open landwere it is just sand or perhaps make an island in the middle for it swim around?

and another qwestion(srry!)
our expiriment is on feeding habits, ive found plenty of sessile food but any suggestions for live food? anything natural to its natural enviroment, or is it a scavenger

ty for anyhelp