Post on fish ban from hawaii have a lot of fake news in them

sea witch1

I'm surprised more people haven't checked the details on something like this...
Its shocking to see how quickly LFS and online stores were to rip us off. I hope they adjust their pricing as quickly as they blew them up! The fisheries actually asked for more regulation on the commercial fishing license that were not being renewed. Only 41 fisheries of the more than 3000 reported catching any fish. The environmental reviews and other concerns were rectified.... PLUS NONE OF IT HAS STARTED YET!!! Plenty of articles in the "Big Island Now" news-page. . from HI

"While the First Circuit Court's ruling will again hinder aquarium fishers' push to keep their industry viable in West Hawai"˜i, it won't do so immediately.

The court recognized in its ruling Friday that shutting off access to aquarium fishing immediately for those with valid CMLs would "œ"¦cause economic hardship to aquarium fishers, their families, employees, and vendors."

Due to this consideration, fishers will be allowed to carry out the practice until their permits run out, which will happen one year after the initial issuance. At that point, the fishers will need to reapply and will be subject to new environmental regulations that put their permits in serious doubt.


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Nothing is ever upfront in this industry how many times have we heard this and that are going to get banned and suddenly the prices go through the roof only for the ban never to materialize

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i had multiple LFS telling me "these are the last shipment of _____ from hawaii and that's it."


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I hear that too. It seems like all of them have just decided to raise the price but the difference is that some shops, not many, still stick to a fixed % over their invoice price instead of raising the price on all livestock.

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All that seems to really matter is that all the collection sights have closed up shop. That means they are effectively closed down. No fake news about that.


Sea Witch Posted this on another forum and a collector from Hawaii hopped on. The Fake news Sea Witch is calling out is older news. And if you read the articles in chronological order and check the dates you will see that as of Jan there is NO more collection of ornamental fish for the aquarium trade. All permits were stopped - the fish that came into the states after that date were fish already collected and allowed to be shipped out.

But without question Hawaii is closed. The Ban is in full force.

Dave B