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Doctor Ron, I just read you article "White Spots on walls". I never noticed any egg sack, but I do have some very small snails. I beleive we're down to one adult snail now, I think it is one of the turbos. We lost two due to power head fatalities and a couple fell off of the glass while we were at work and weren't turned upright in time. Anyway, I believe that these are baby turbos due to their cone shaped shells. They really don't have much color yet, tan to light brown. Their size is about 2-3 mil. and smaller. There are about 6 or so out were I can check them out right now.
However, what prompted me to read your article apears to be something different. I have white spots on my walls, but they don't look like snails. Actually, they look more like tiny feather dusters. They look like a spiral tube with something fuzzy at the end, and about 1.5 mil. They are all over the glass. Do you think that these are more snails or something all together different?
If you have any questions about my snails or any answers for my question I'd love to hear from you.


The small spiral tubes are the homes of small feather-duster worms called "spirorbids."

They are harmless, and their populations seem to wax and wane in reef tanks. They eat particulate material in the water.

Sometimes Turbo does reproduce in our tanks, but there are also a couple of tiny species that come in with live rock and live sand. These tend to look like "babies," but they are full grown at about a 1/10 inch in height.