Pumps for Sale


Team RC
The wife asked why I have 4 extra pumps sitting in the garage, good question. I want to sell 3 of the 4 listed pumps, will keep the last one for the ATO I keep thinking I am about to set up.

Quiet One 2200 (581 GPH). I only used this pump for one month, too much flow for my tank, I couldn't control the sand storm, it seemed like a waste to valve down the flow. It has 2-1/2 years of warranty left on it.

Mag 3 Pump (350 GPH) Older pump, new impeller. $30.00

Little Giant PEM-030 (325 GPH) $25.00

Via Aqua VA-2300 (600 GPH) $20.00


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what kind of setup was the quiet one on? How much head pressure? I have 4ft+ of head pressure and not getting enough flow... wondering how this would perform.


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Do you still have the QO 2200? Will you ship to NJ? YOu can do a flat rate box throught USPS for under 8 bucks. Let me know.



Team RC
The Quiet One and Mag 3 are both gone. The Little Giant PEM-030 (325 GPH) and Via Aqua VA-2300 (600 GPH) are still available and free to a good home, PM me and we can set up a pick-up if you want either.