Purplish-maroon worm on urchin


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I have had my nano cube up for a few years now and tonight I was searching for my Royal Urchin and I found him in the corner. When I shined the flash light on it I saw something move. I took a closer look and it was a worm of some kind. It moved very quickly around the urchin to get away from the light. I would compare the speed to an amphipod but moved in a serpentine motion. Zipping along the blue selection of the urchinand then going between the spines. I have had my Royal urchin for six months now. I received it when it was 1" wide. it is now 1.5". The worm is about 3/8". It hangs out near the mouth of the urchin.
I will try to get a picture of it but this might be hard to do since it doesn't like the light.

I am wondering if it is symbotic or just hitching a ride and getting left-overs from the urchin.

I have no missing or diseased fish, mushrooms or polyps. No missing inverts.

This is exciting! I am finding new things all the time.

Also, the mini serpent stars spawned tonight . They all come out (100++) and the water turns cloudy this happens often.