PVC Gate Valves


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Does anyone know where I can get 1.5" PVC Gate Valve? I have called every plumbing and hardware supply store in Appleton/Neenah area with no luck.

Stupid skimmer mod... :) TIA
Since this is probably my fault for telling you to do the mod, I can order it through Custom Aquatic. I was thinking about doing an order but didn't have much interest. I can do a small order if need be...if we can get even just a few people interested in something. I know BriGuy was in need of a light (anything else?).

It'll take a few days to get here. If I can get it in on Monday, we should have it all late that week or early the next.
Not your fault at all - I personally blame the Octopus Skimmer Mod thread :)D ). Anyway, I can live without this mod for the time being since it is not hard to do at a later time (versus boring out the venturi or other such mods.

How much would the charge be for it? I think that I can get it ordered through US Plastics for ~$27 shipped. If you can beat that, let me know. They also do qty discounts if other people are interested:

Looks like it would be about a wash. Depending on shipping you may save a buck or two.
This is not the mod you want to skip. I thought my euroreef cs 8-1 was junk till I added the gate valve mod. Now it skims the way I expected a euroreef to skim.

If you found one for 27.00 shipped get it you won't be sorry.
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I did skip it for now, but with the understanding that I am going to be re-doing my sump system. Right now, I have a 20g under my tank as my sump. I am going to be changing that to a basement system (anyone have spare 55s or 75s they want to part with cheap?) next month.
Go to fleet farm and get a stock feeder tank it is cheaper and easy to drill. If you want to check mine out come on over I will be happy to show it to you. Then If you want I will even run over to fleet with you show you where in the store to get the tank the bulkheads and pvc parts to hook up your pump externally.
i ws going to do a 55 but didnt cuz the cheep one i got($10) was made in 93 and i heard that any older than 02 was temperd. so i went out to tracter supply and paid $72 with tax for the 100 gal stock, they are out side along the fence wall. the 50 gal stock is like $62. im keeping the 55 for water changes.