Question about a sump/fuge


I already have a sump for my 125. THe center section I believe is supposed to be for a fuge, but i want a larger fuge. Is it ok if I set this up as follows?? From my overflow in the display into one section of my fuge (30 Gallon tank). Over a divider into calm section of fuge. Over another divider to a drain towards the bottom of the fuge. The fuge will be on the same stand as the sump only higher. The fuge will flow out the drain into the sump where it is now getting fed from the overflow then it will continue on as normal. Sound ok or anyone have better advice??
IMHO your doing it backwards.

You want the water to go through the sump/mechanical filtration then to the refugium, then to the return pump.

If you are hoping to increase the pod population in your system with the use of a refugium then having the refugium come first would leave all of those pods to get caught, trapped, killed, etc in your mechanical filtration compartment.

Also I would not feed the sump, and refugium with different drains from your overflow IME. Let it all go through the sump, then all of the water into the refugium.

IME refugiums need high amounts of flow to be good for the system. You might still end iup needing a powerhead. Once upon a time I used to have an oversized return pump then I ran a T off of it draining the extra water back into the refuium for added flow, that worked well, but now I just use a couple of powerheads in the refugium and am happy with it.

Thanks!! You just gave me a good idea!! My return pump is Y'd off going back to the DT. I could use one to the return tank and plumb the other to the fuge. Then I could just use another overflow that would drain the water back into the return portion of the sump. Would this work?? That way it would go through the filtration, into the fuge, as the fuge overflowed it would go straight back into the return portion of the sump and back into the tank.
Well I thought about explaining it. The fuge and sump will be in the basement, I just definitely couldn't draw that!! I did good to put together what I had. The only thing going upstairs will the the DT and the return line from the return pump.