question for dr. roy


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i would like to go and do some diving and capture some mantis as they are very hard to get here, i was wondering if you know of any place i could catch them near adelaide in south australia and what species are in south australian waters?
im sure there are alot up north because of the great barrier reef but i have recently read a book of south australian crustaceans and i said about 5 species have been found in SA waters.
it claims they are often washed up in storms at glenelg beach which is 20 mins away and i would like to go hunting there, but i wanted to know if dr. roy has ever been to SA to hunt mantis and if he has, has he found a place i might be able to go and a way to catch then?

ive asked alot of diver freinds and they have never seen one in SA waters so i was wondewring if the book is telling fibs or the divers dont go to places that these mantis would be?
Sorry, but I stay in warm water when at all possible. I have not been diving in Australia south of Sydney. There are a half dozen spearers that live in sandy substrates. I can't think of any smashers.