Questions on sand


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I am starting up a small 30gallon breeder tank for sps. I was going to use Caribsea aragalive reef sand. Any comments on this type. Would fiji pink or bahamas olite be better? I like more of the sand look. I was going to do a thin layer as well.


Reef Monkey
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I wouldn't bother with the "live" sand. Save yourself some money and buy dry sand. It will be seeded in no time by your live rock, and the live sand in a bag is of questionable utility and pretty universally agreed that it's not worth the money. I believe the Aragamax Special Grade is what I used in my last tank, and I was quite happy with it. Most sands around that grain size are just fine. I'd stay away from the super fine sands (< 1mm) unless you have a specific reason for sand that fine. It just tends to get blown around very easily if you're not careful (though this problem is significantly reduced after the sand has been established in the tank for a year or so).