Quoyi Parrotfish


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I "scored" a Quoyi for $35 bucks today. As usual it was labeled wrong. I'm afraid it comes with a catch. He is not eating. I have him in QT with other fish. He's not that big, maybe 4". I always thought they were good eaters, or at least the one I had. I only tried brine and mysis so far. Are there any tips to get them to eat? Was I wrong, are they finicky?


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You're likely only to get them to eat pellets and maybe some Nori. Smaller pellets seem to be what they like best


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Mine is eating anything frozen I put in the tank so I think you should just keep trying different things. Even if he is not accepting food from you he should be poking at the substrate and rocks because that is their natural behavior. If he's not doing that I would worry that something is bugging him like tankmates or too small a quarantine or just being freaked out because of being in a new home.


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That's a fish that's rapidly becoming an obsession for me - a "grail fish", at least for now...

Given that their normal feeding mode is to peck at the bottom and rocks with that beak, I wonder if some sort of gel food, stuck to a rock (even frozen to it!) would help? I'd also try nori rubberbanded to a rock, maybe a clam on the half-shell . . . What about the algae-wafers they sell for freshwater plecostomus?

Good luck with this awesome fish!!

~Bruce, off to read every post on Scooter's thread - and to paint the back of his new 220 gallon tank . . .
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