RBTA splitting problem


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The other day I came home to find my RBTA doing what I thought was splitting. He was curled up in a hole in my live rock and I could see his foot ripping in half. This was probably about 3 days ago. Today he has expanded again, but he is significantly smaller. My question is, if he did split why does he already have a fully formed mouth and where the hell could the clone be? Any body ever here of an BTA not finishing the splitting process?
They almost always split at the mouth, my guess is it has not split but
his foot was injured by something which usually forces a split, keep an eye on him, do a water change for him and see how it goes.
Same subject, my green bubble went into a cave the other day and popped back out full expanded for a short period of time, and now is in the cave I can see it hanging upside down, but it is not coming out to the light at all. Why would it hide and not come out?