red algae


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I have a classic 12g nano cube with 28 watt 50/50 bulb,stock pump and a nano surface skimmer.10lbs of live rock,3 snails,2 hermit crabs,1 royal gamma,1 blue damsel and 1 "nemo" clown.I have a layer of red algae that forms on top of the sand.Its thick enough that I can peel it off the sand and remove it.Is this good algae or bad?Should I leave it?I have a lab kit and I tested everything and it all looks good.I also change half the water periodically with sea water.The fish have been in there for a long time,look great and are vibrant.Any thoughts?

Number one don't do a 50% water change unless the parameters are super high but you should only do about 10-20%
Number two it sound like ciano to me and it is bad could be caused by hihn nitrates to much like there is a mixtyre of things i believe just keep the parameters good so the water quality stays god and i think is should clear up IMHO and get a few more snail they will help to astreas love the sand