red sand


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hey guys i have had my saltwater tank for about 8 months now and have noticed that there is some red dirt that is getting more and more in the corner of my tank.. anyone know what this is? should i be worried???
Sounds like cyano,low flow area maybe and high nutrients avail to grow.Use a turkey blaster to take it out and do some water changes+ some flow to that area.IMO:)
hi guys cyano is what i picture to be a slime. this is llike simply colored sand. red sand or red dirt i should say. anyone know what it is or agree that it is cyano? also is it bad for the tank and fish??? some one please help me out !!!
i agree with cyano lots of time it is the corners that will get it due to not much flow. just as said take a turky baster and get as much out as you can, get more flow to that area, and do some water changes.