regal angelfish with fin rot


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I noticed tonight that my regal has fin rot. I noticed it on his tail, dorsal, and a pectoral fin. I have had this fish for years and it has been doing well. All my tank parameters good (amm/nitrite/nitrate -0). I just move him from my display to a hospital tank. I was not sure whether to treat him tonight or wait until tomorrow so it gets acclimated to the hospital tank. I have maracyn II that I can treat it with.

I wasn't sure if I should move him from my display because he is eating everything (pellets/frozen/nori).




Dr. Fish
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Unless he looks really bad, I would make sure he's eating in QT before beginning treatment. Maracyn-Two is a good choice, but I would also use regular Maracyn (or erythromycin) concurrently. This way you're covered for both gram-positive & negative bacterial infections.


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He isn't really bad, but I wanted to act quick. He was acting a abnormally and I wanted to make sure i took care of him asap.