return pump selection!


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im starting up a 90g RR with sps and lps. i will ned about 4 or 5 hundred GPH coming from the return after 5 feet so
is an eheim 1262 a good return pump?... i dont wanna spend more than 130 for one soo..

i need the quietest pump possible because my tank is in my room

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I have the ehiem 1250, and i can't even hear it!! My skimmer and splashing water in the sump totally cover up its slight hum (there ALOT louder that the pump).

And Im thinking the 1262 isn't much louder, go with the ehiem you won't be let down!

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I have run Mags the whole time I have had a reef. never had a problem with them, but i beleive that when I need a new pump It will most likely be an Eheim.


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1262 might be too strong for what you are looking to do. I would go with the 1260 and it's quiet. My tank is next to my bedroom wall where I sleep.


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well ya
im lookin to get about 400gph from the return pump after goin up 5 feet... the 1262 is 10 bucks more than the 1260 and gets a lot more gph at 900 soo after 5 feet it should be aroun 500ish or soo


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on one thread, you eluded to eheim being expensive and on this thread you say it's only $10 more :D

i ran both pumps at 5ft. if heat and electricity usage is no concern, go with the eheim 1262. running both 1260 and 1262 at 5ft, this is what i got:

1260 - 45watts consumption, approx 450gph
1262 - 80watts consumption, approx 650gph

Calculation can be affected by how many elbows and ball valves, also the size of the return PVC. My setup has 3 elbows and 1 union, but no ball valve. Return pipe is 1" vinyl tubing until it reaches near the top of the tank and splits into 4 returns with 3/4" PVC and a Ocean Motions Squirt.
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Get the 1260. The 1262 is too much flow. People who get the 1262 on that size setup (and larger) regret it. The pumps flow more than the specs state. The 1260 will be in the 400 - 500GPH range, the 1262 in the 700 - 800 range. I run a 1260 on a 90G and its great. I have a 40g sump.