Returning to hobby, need pump recommendation.


Hello Ladies and Gents,

I am returning to the hobby after a long (and much needed) break. My sump is in the basement, on a stand and my tank is 50" from the floor. So this pump would have 12 feet of head pressure.

I think the days of getting either a Mag5, 7, 9.5 or 12 are long gone. So I am looking for a recommendation. Not trying to break the bank and don't need any fancy features. I prefer reliability over features like feed mode, etc.

Thank you in advance to all. It's nice to be back.
Welcome back! Mag’s are still around but advertised under Danner Supreme Aqua-Mag Magnetic Drive Pumps - Supreme Aqua-Mag Magnetic Drive Water Pumps

That said, many people go with DC pumps for more adjustability. Realistically, it depends what you want. Some, like me, stick with cheap Jebao return pumps (no issues for the last 2 years for me and bought it used soo yea). There’s still the work horses like pan-world, hammerhead, etc.

I’m just not sure the max heads of a lot of pumps
Yep, I'm still a fan of AC pumps for returns. The people I see who can't tune a Herbie or BeanAnimal overflow are usually using DC pumps which makes me wonder what quality the control circuits of some of these DC pumps are. That said, I agree with Shane, if you want DC the Jebao have got a long enough success record that I would have no issue using one.
Keep in mind you don't need high flow rates through your sump/refugium. A pump providing just a few turnovers per hour is needed. Additional flow for your corals can be provided with powerheads or closed loops.
Fluval sp-6 will do that lift and is rated at 3,434gph @0 head with a 235w draw. Very reliable, and at $200, very affordable. No shaft seal BS like reeflo. Doesn't run hot as an oven like mag drives, and the ratings are inflated like most DC pumps. I have 4 of these, but currently using only 2. One feeds a pair of 60gal tanks, a 125g tank, a turf scrubber and a 60 gallon barrel full of rock.
The other pump is powering a Lifereef skimmer. So far, they've been very resistant to calcium precipitation. I run very high pH and high alk. (8.6+pH and 11.5dkh) mag18 couldn't handle it. And only Tunze and gyre wavemakers seem to tolerate it as well.