ro/di output


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just got 24gpd ro filter. it filtered the first gl in about 30 mins.
is this normal due to the filter being new????
will it slow after a few gallons?
colud output pressure from source be to high?
the waste and filtered water rate almost same.
Thanks for help.
Pressure may be an issue. Also, hot water will filter very fast. How hot is the water going into the ro? I would recommend setting your faucet on warm or on the cooler side.
it has started to slow down. (2 what looks normal)
should i run cold water only or should i try to warm it up???
will a little warmer water change anything???
with a 24 gpd unit you should only get 1 gallon per hour. optimal temp for most units is 70Ã"šÃ‚ºF going much higher you are just wasting your RO membrane. lower just slows down production. with most units you dont want to go over 60PSI with the pressure either. does your unit have a RO membrane flush setup on it? it sounds like you have it open. without checking the TDS its hard to say for sure if something is hooked up wrong.
I heard to only run cold water through them, as the hot water line can get alot of metals or something in the water from going through the water heater, could be wrong.. just what I read somewhere. I have a typhoon III rated at 75gpd, I get about 50 gallons a day output with cold water (very cold water, 40 degrees maybe?) My water pressure is about 50-55.
Mine is a 100 gpd, and I figure to get around 40-45 a day. I also have very cold water going through, as well as pressure in 45-50 psi range.
It doesn't seem like it would be his flush valve open. That would yield less purified water rather than less. Jmjax, are you saying you're getting the same TDS reading on both your waste water and your filtered water? That certainly shouldn't be the case. I'm not sure what a normal TDS reading is on non-DI water, but I'm guessing it's still fairly close to zero. Your waste water should be much, much higher.