ro/di unit... how it works


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okay, i dont need to know the biological stuff... just where u plug it in too, do u need to turn on the water for it to work? etc? does it need to be plugged in to a sink? to the piping under the sink? can i make an auto-top off?

once i get the 200gal tank i want to make it as painless as possible... so i want everything to be pretty much automatic, so i dont have to manually top off, and to keep salinity in check with auto cause i know i'll have like 2-3 gallon evap per day maybe...
haha, your up early asking these questions, but you just need a water line into the ro/di to make water. you also need a line to run waste water out of. so you can run it in the backyard, under the sink, in the bathroom, where ever. you can also make it an auto top off by using a float valve which works well. hope that helps.
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How do I hook it up?

The input line is connected to a cold water line. It can either be hooked up with a saddle valve that pierces your existing copper pipe, attached to your sink faucet with a special adapter (which is good for those in rental properties or apartments), or to a hose bib.

The wastewater goes down the drain. If you have a PVC drainpipe, the waste line can be connected to it. You just need a drill and a saddle.

The purified outputs go where you want them. A common approach is to feed the DI output through a float valve to a reservoir. When using a float valve system, an auto-shutoff valve is required to shut off the incoming water to the RO unit. Otherwise, water will continue to pass through the wastewater outlet, consuming water un-necessarily. Check with the vendor at the time of purchase to discuss this option.

To make sure you have the correct adapters, installation problems should be discussed with the vendor when purchasing the system.