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Looking to purchase an ro/di unit. Wanted to get some input on what everyone thinks is a good unit and will Xtra filters be needed for well water ? I have well water at my home presently and have been buying RO/ & saltwater weekly but with spring approaching i'd rather be boating then driving to the LFS . I will store the pure water and make my own saltwater . Thanks! :beer::beer::beer::beer:

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i personally have bought ro/di units from BRS. i currently have 2 units and very happy with them. not sure on well water.. but i am sure they can handle it.


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I bought a WaterGeneral from FilterDirect on ebay. I wanted dual output RO and RODI and it came with a tank and pressure gauge. I'm very happy with it, but I haven't seen any others to see why they would be much better for the cost.


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My BRS unit is due here Thursday. I can't wait to try it out. I have well water. At BRS suggestion I got a 5-stage sytem with a single DI cartridge and I can add a second if it turns out I need it.


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I'm really happy with my BRS unit. And I would recommend springing for the water saver option, much quicker and saves water.