Royal Gramma i n Hiding??


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I introduced a royal gramma to the tank yesterday, I have mainly tangs and two angels and one blue damsel with yellow markings at the belly. The damsel went at the royal gramma for the first 10 minutes and each time the gramma would open it's mouth in a threatening manner and scare off the damsel. I saw the gramma swim around a bit and then disappear from sight and have not seen him since. Has anyone had an issue with grammas hiding in caves and rockwork when first introduced?? I've looked on the sand and in between rocks to see if i can spot him but he's not to be found. I have some very large base rock with holes he can go in. It's been 24 hours since he's been in the tank and no where to be seen.. Any experiences?? I've read that they can be real shy fish. I've got a few agressive fish and especially that damsel who has the same marking as the gramma but of course different species and shape.


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hehe similar thing happened with mines. My stupid blue damsel didn't like him either. The gramma did open his mouth just like yours did. He was missing for a few days as well. Turns out I found him in my overflow few days later. I guess he jumped into it somehow.


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I've had two and they both hid until feeding time in the beginning. The one I have now is out in the open almost all the time, but I've had him for over three years now. From my experience, that is normal behavior. Especially with an aggresive fish pestering it. It should be fine, mine holds it's own pretty well.


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He/She finally made an appearance after 2 days!!. Fish decided to pick cave in the back of the tank as his home so now it sticks near there but will dart out to nip at anyone that passes by his front door. Cool fish!! I have enver been so anxious about seeing a new fish until this one, he had me worried but all is well. thank you


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Mine did hide for a few days. Than he was always hanging out upside down in the 2 large caves that I have in my tank. To bad I lost the gramma when a seam went on my tank.


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as above mine hid for a couple of days then came out, its out all the time now, i think they are shy to start with, gorgeous fish


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Just got mine yesterday....hides most of the time and comes out to eat. I have heard that this problem that occurs.