Rule of thumb on Tunze Streams

Mexican Hermit

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What would you say is the rule of thumb on the streams. I have been following the threads and some say that it is OK to use 2 6000 for a 120g. Some threads say use one. Others say use 6100? What would you say is a rule of thumb? Can you post a basic rule or diagram? I think it would help a lot of us out.

Do you recommend using 2 or 1 6000 for a 120 g mostly fish reef?
Mexican Hermit,

FWIW, I have been speaking with Roger on Streams for my 200 and have decided to go with 2 6000s on my tank. I do think you will be fine doing the same in your 120.

The only concern would be your DSB, if you are using one, might get displaced. Personally, I use a plenum with larger grain sand than a DSB so this is not a concern for me.

I do not have a DSB. So I am not very worried. How would you place your streams?

1)One in each corner shooting to the opposite front corner?

2) One shooting to the opposite front corner and the other shooting towards the other stream? (This would create a swirl type of effect...)

What would you do?
Not really sure how I am going to do it yet. I think (since I have a 7' long tank) that I will try one at eash end pointing towards each other. I will have them on a Multicontroller so they will switch back and forth. I'll see how that goes first and if I don't like the results will move them around until I have happy with them.

In general 6ft plus tanks with no DSB and almost all acros use 6100. If it below this size, has a DSB or is a combination of LPS, Softies, SPS use the 6000. A 6000 has effective range of 5', a 6100 has effective range of 8'. Of course return flow also factors in.

BTW, I am back but I saw my dinner again this morning and not feeling so hot, the roughest flight I have ever been on and I feel like I am still moving, looks like the US had some rough weather while I was gone and I got to fly through some of it. Plus, apparently as a cost cutting measure all pilots are rookies and are better prepared for carrier landings than nice soft landings, my tail bone met my neck almost on more than one occasion.