Rushing Water in Overflow


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I setup a 90 gallon tank about 3 weeks ago, with a Sicce 3.0 overflow pump. When I have it turned up all the way, water seems to rush into the overflow and it causes surges of water. I have a megaflow overflow kit. I have messed with the tube in the overflow and cannot seem to get this working as intended. Attached are some pictures that will hopefully help understand what I have.

Any ideas how to solve this? I want to get the water flow 100% before adding anything to the tank.


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If u have an adjustable pump then turn it down a lil bit so your overflow & return are matched. It'll stop the gurgling. You don't need a high turnover through the sump. Most of turnover should be through powerheads in the tank.


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I would recommend changing that ribbed flexible drain line to solid smooth PVC. Make sure the drain is vented and I would drop the drain elbow at least 3-6 inches into the over flow. Water easily drains to gravity at 3-400gph.


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The stand pipe is probably too high and if that is a 1" drain then the sicce all the way up will probably be overloading the drain.

I would have it set to about 5x turnover or 450gph for your tank.


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Thanks for the advice, I have the Sicce turned down all the way right now. I will try messing with the drain pipe by moving it down as well and see how that works out.