Saltwater Plants that grow out of the tank?


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I'm looking to make a "garden" above my 125g instead of a hood. I plan on getting quite a few mangroves, but I was wondering/hoping there were other plants/bushes/trees that could be grown with only their roots in the water?

Anyone have any ideas?

Mangroves are the only ones I can think of that are commonly available. There some salt marsh plants around here that might be worth looking into. Some Sea Lavender with it's flowers might be really nice to try. Once spring comes I'll have to go collect some and try it out.
Plants out of top of reef.

Plants out of top of reef.

There is a site that sells mangroves online that also had some other brackish / salt flowering plants. I want to say it's florida plants but that's probably not it.

I do have some mangroves (3 full leafy ones about 12 - 14" high) I pulled out of the sump in my 75 and have growing in my ecosystem 40 fuge/filter on the back of my 46. For nutrient export it's probably marginal but it looks cool! Am trying to also get chaetomorpha established too in same fuge for actual nutrient export.

Yeah I guess I could take a trip to the beach and see what's growing along the shoreline :)

In all the pictures I see of mangrove swamps, there are tons of other weeds/plants ... I guess no one really sells those though :)