scopas may be ill, have pics, tell me what you think

nemo g

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prelim data. scopas has been in the tank for 6 days. eats like a pig, both nori and formula one with non stop foraging.

a few days ago i noticed a single white spec on his side, but that has since faded a bit. but just over it, near the dorsal fin, is a larger black circular spot.

notice both spots, as well as a nice clean pectoral fin, of which the other does not look as good.
<img src=""/>

today i saw a few more spots. 3 on his head, and the fin, which looks like it has a pair of "pimples"

<img src=""/>

here is a brighter picture but oddly enough it doesnt show the smaller spots

<img src=""/>

and while im at it, heres a picture of some live rock. within a week it has reclaimed the small die off that incurred during transfer. the white edges seen in the green boxes were all over the rock, which is now almost completely covered in purple coraline.

however, there are some odd whitish spots, looks like the consistency of gel, but not too sure. any ideas of what it may be?
<img src=""/>

water parameters are as follows, ill state what the max can be as i like to be safe with a worst case scenario when reading the seachem color chart.

ammo- "safe"
nitrite- maybe .5 def <1
nitrate- maybe 2 def <5
phophate - 0
sg- 1.023
temp- 78

i added a pair of hermits just to see how they would do and to try and help with any excess food. got them 4 days ago, and they remain hidden, although i do spot them in different places. i just never see them moving. this normal?

lastly, the flame purchased at the same time shows no signs of any illness. and he too is a voracious eater, and after 6 days now, even comes to the glass when i sit to view closely. should i seperate them? or if the scopas is ill, chances are the angel has it too?

im trying to think of questions you may ask....

as for feeding, i feed a small peice of nori a day, 2x1 inch; i remove what ever is left before bedtime. to give you an idea about the formula one, i slice tiny peices off a cube after a week, i have only used 1/4 of a cube.

im doing a 15% water change in the morning. im going to let is sit for the night to settle.

thanks for the time and help folks,

n g

Shark Bait100

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The fish could have several things. First, how big is the tank? do you have a lot of rock for this fish to hid in at night? If I was to guess, I would say Ich. Did you quarentine the fish for a few weeks first?

nemo g

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it is a 29g temp quarantine tank. which will be the sump soon, then the 10g gets quarantine duties.

is there anything to look out for?

he swims freely, and eats plenty.