setting up new live rock tomorrow...


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The live rock I ordered for the tank at my work should be here tomorrow! We got our rock from ordered 90 lbs. for a 55 Gallon tank should be about right I hope.

Any advice about adding the rock? It's going into basically a naked tank Live Sand only with a protein skimmer, SEIO powerhead and a Fluval 404 for more water movement and to run carbon in as well.

Planning on: taking all the rocks out and rinsing them with some tank water to get anything obviously dead off and then plunging them in... Should I scrub em with a toothbrush or something too? or is a dunking good enough?


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I would scrub the heck out of them with a good stiff scrub brush (new scrub brush) in saltwater. Not fresh water. Scrub the heck out of them before you put them in the tank.

I have not cured my own rock I always buy cured rock but if I were to buy uncured rock I would cure it outside the tank and then add it.

I understand that there can be some real stinkiness involved in curing rock in the tank. I hope your prepared for that.

Sounds like fun. Enjoy your rock curing excitement.




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i just stuck my rock straight into my tank. if its uncured yea it will stink but mine didnt smell to bad. the water looked pretty murky but it cleared up. i heard that cycling your tank with liverock can produce a healthier tank. thats just what i heard though. ill let the experts be more precise on that. but i know it definitely helped my tank. it gave the bacteria time to spread and get built up before i added anything live and i dont have problems with any of my parameters except my nitrates are at 5ppm. not to bad compared to some.

in the end its all up to you but i just took off the obviously dead and threw it in the tank but i didnt scrub it.


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I would not cured the lr with ls in it. It's not easy to siphon out all the decaying matters, plus not a good way to start a healthy sandbed.