Share your long term carpet anemone pics please. Newbie needs some encouragement!

I know there are several threads on the forum about carpet anemones but relatively few pictures of reefers long term successes. I'd like to see those beauties and maybe a brief description of the set up housing them.
Thanks all!


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Not sure how to define "long term" success, but here is a pic of a S. gigantea carpet I've had for over two years now:

This picture was taken in March of this year, and has grown a bit since then, to the point I wonder if I should consider selling it to make space in my 75g. My 75g is to come down if/when I ever get my 280g going (which is sitting empty right now), but it's such a mammoth project and I kinda had a kid last year and I find myself with a lot less time to devote to the hobby these days. Anyhow, enough rambling.

Here are some pics of my green S. gigantea I've had for a little over a year now:

Here's an older pic where it's a bit smaller:

Many years ago I had a super brightly green S. haddoni from a time period of about 1999 to about 2003. It outgrew my setup and I sold it, it's still out there somewhere. I unfortunately don't seem to have a picture of it online as that time period predates me having a digital camera. It was about 20" around when I sold it, I think it was more like 24" the last time I saw it.
Thanks Delphinus! That is exactly what I mean by long term success! Great looking anemones there. If you ever decide to sell that big boy, let me know.
Thanks again for sharing. Its success like yours that keep me considering stepping into the hadonni arena.


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Delphinus, I assume you've been reading phil's experience with fragging his merten's carpet? Looks like your gigantea might be a good candidate for the knife! Just be sure to give him plenty of time to de-slime before exposing non-clowns to him after the cutting.


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Hi Dan, it's something that's been at the back of my mind to try. I've been following that thread with interest. I haven't quite worked up the nerve yet but I agree that it does seem a good candidate.

This is a picture of the anemone shortly after I bought it (in April 2004):

It's come a long way. :)

One person I'm hoping will chime in here is Rod (Bueller?), apparently he's had a gigantea for at least 9 years and I always like reading about his setup (apparently he's got surges on it, sounds like a really neat setup).

Haddoni's in comparison to gigantea's are supposed to be much hardier, the only two real drawbacks to keep in mind is that 1) they get very large and 2) can be a risk to fish (they'll get eaten). But there should be plenty of long-term success stories out there with that species. :)


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He really has come a long way! Nice work.

There are some great pics of rod's system in the "rod's onyx" thread. I've always heard that the surge is a big part of successfuly keeping gigantea, I take it you don't have a surge on yours?

I understand the concern. It's alot easier to let others try and work out all the details of maximizing success. Anthony has really pushed the envelope and said that he's had success with every species he's tried.


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theres someone on who has had theres for 13 years!!!!!
her username is debbeach... she showed pics a couple of times...
im pretty sure its Haddoni (sp?)

Rod Buehler

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my oldest gigantea has been with me for atleast 11 years (Im not good at record keeping :D).. I know I got my first halides in 95-96. the reason I got halides was for my gigantea that had been struggling for a year or so before.. So,,, It could be 12-13 years. Not only do I think that surges and lighting are very benificial, but I beleive that temp also plays a big role.. If my tanks drop much below 80 both of my giganteas get POed. They seem happiest at 83-84 (NSW temps in most places and even warmer in the tide pools)


Ill see if I have some pics of my purple on on my other computer
I've just ordered a 30x30x16 tall acrylic tank that will become a haddoni specific tank. I'll use some rock, sand, and a lot of water from my 240 cube to start it off. Once ready, I'll try my hand at a small blue, red, and if room, a bright green haddoni (not all at once of course). I've considered adding my 3 year old black occelaris but don't want them getting munched by these anemomes, so I'll probably add my other pair of orange ocellaris, maybe a few more, and see what happens.
I'm thinking a single 250 or 400 watt pendant over the tank would suffice.
I'll push 10 to 15 times turnover through a SCWD for some random flow. I'm going to keep the set up simple, as I still plan on setting up a 72x72x30 or 120x36x30 sometime next summer.


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A 30x30x16 would be a great anemone tank!
Here are a couple pics.
The little gigantea I've had almost a year, but it has only been in this tank for about 4 months. Its not a very good picture. For what ever reason the flash makes the anemone blend into the background

The haddoni I've had 4-5 years. The clowns are A. sebae. The picture does not capture the purple in the anemones column and there is a scratch in the acrylic tank that always seems to end up running through the clowns eye.