Shark Sighting Sale: Benefits Mote Marine Shark Conservation


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Shark sightings make our day!
Seeing a hammer head shark en route to the lease site means it is going to be a good day harvesting live rock.

With local news reporting heavy shark activity in our back yard and in honor of the vintage Tampa Bay Saltwater shark logo; we decided to celebrate this magnificent creature with a SALE! Madelyn & I will be donating 10% of sales this week to Mote Marine Shark Conservation Research.
  • Base Rock (all sizes) $5 per pound.
  • Premium Rock (regular sized) $8 per pound.
Sharks for a healthy ocean and Live Rock for a healthy tank!
Email inquiries to, website coming very soon...

Sharks by TBS Live Rock Farm
Mote Shark Conservation
That is awesome! I’m glad to see this. Unfortunately I don’t need anything at the present time