shipping for live rock


In Memoriam
i am thinking about ordering 50 pounds of live rock from tampa bay saltwater. But can anyone give me a idea how much a pound the rock cost with water in the box for shipping?
I would suggest visiting here, and giving Richard an email. He would know better than anyone.


Shipping costs depend on what can figure an equal amount of water weight as the rock weighs.......
we are at 1-813-875-3574 for info/orders!
Richard TBS:rollface:
Well i would probably be wanting about 70 lbs, and I would be picking it up in the airport around detroit, mi. Would you be able to give me a rough estimate of shipping or should I call?
Northwest airlines, direct flight, about $60 per 100 pounds...they have a 100 pound minimum......

Just call Mary at 1-813-875-3574 when ready!
Richard TBS:rollface:
How about to Manchester Airport, Manchester NH. I assume it will come in on Southwest. I'm only looking at 20-30 lbs of live rock.