Should I?

Alex T.

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OK. I lost my prized Achilles Tang not too long ago. All my remaining fish have been captured and placed in two separate qt tanks due to their size. I am determined to wait the full 8 weeks in qt to let the display run fallow.

My current fish list for a 72x18x27 150 gallon tank is:

Yellow Tang (4 inches)
Sixline Wrasse
4 Chromis
Blue Devil Damsel
2 Lyretail Anthias

I just got the go-ahead from my better half that I can now build my dream system into the family room wall with the tank and fish room housed in an insulated room in the garage. The tank will be 84x48x24 which is roughly 450 gallons. The tank will be custom made by Coast to Coast Aquariums here in New Jersey, and like my 150, SPS dominated.

I really don't want that many more large fish. I've been there and done that. I do however wish to have another Acanthurus tang, but can't bring myself to try another Achilles. I've always wanted a Sohal tang but knew that my 72" 150 was not a good home long term.

Is the 7 foot layout sufficient for a Sohal long term with my 48" depth? Also, I'd like to qt the Sohal (preferably a 4" juvenile) and introduce it to the 150 as I'm setting up and cycling the in wall tank at the end of the summer. Aside from the Sohal, I'm going to try and have a large group of Anthias....thinking around 20 total. These additions and the above fish in qt will be the entire stock list for the 450.

Can I do it? Or better yet...should I?


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Thats your own decision some people will tell you yes others will say no. I would say go for it but be prepared to have to remove it down the road if it becomes to aggressive. Im also a little biased because they are my favorite tang. Make sure its a really nice smaller 3-4inch fish