Shy Goby


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I got a Hi Fin Red Banded Goby over 2 months ago. Within a few days of getting it, it was paired with a pistol shrimp and hanging out at the entrance of his burrow. He was shy, but would come out during the day without issue. A few weeks later, I changed the lights over my tank to something a bit stronger (still LEDs). Ever since then (the past 3-4 weeks) he has been even more shy than before. I honestly have only seen him once for a split second before he darted back into his burrow. He doesn't come out to eat. If I notice him starting to come out of his burrow, he will dart back in as soon as I look at him.

The only other tank mates he has is a small Percula Clownfish. There are no signs of aggression at all. Tank is a Fluval Evo 13.5.

I have resorted to just squirting a bit of mysis in the enterance of his burrow so has a chance to eat, but I never see him actually eat. Any tips on making him feel more comfortable? I understand it's normal for them to disappear for weeks on end and come back like nothing has happened, but he's such a cool fish and I want to be able to watch him!

Thanks in advance!

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