sick and tired of seio suction cups


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well ive seen it before on here and now its my turn. i need an alternative to the suction cups provided with the seio m1500's. i have 2 one on each side of my tank and they wont stick for any prolonged period of time anymore. ive seen people use magnet cleaners to mount them and id love to try that out. i have a full canopy so i cant use the clamps provided with pumps to mount them to the side of the tank. id like to be able to use the mount that lets you point the power head just about any direction you want. anyone have any ideas or links to how to's/DIY directions for mountion options? thanks in advance to any help you can provide.

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if i didnt have a canopy the covered the edges of my tank that would work wonderfully. it might be something i could use in the future if i change the canopy on my tank. thanks for the idea tho

Get the large mag float from marinedepot or somewhere for like $20, then go to homedepot and buy the 2 part epoxy Aquamend found in the paint section of the store, and just epoxy the mount for the seio on there and you're good to go in 24 hours. Any size seio will work, so pick one that's appropriate for your tank
As yuhsuen stated, get the large mag float....i mounted the 1100's I think. The 2nd to the largest seio's. Also I didn't use the aquamend way, it might be better, I'm not sure. The way I did it was drill 2 holes onto the bracket that holds the swivel piece and 2 holes into the mag float. Then used a plastic screw to secure it in place. Afterwards I used superglue around that area so no water can accidentally leak into the magfloat:D Goodluck!
sounds good. thanks for the help guys. i need to order salt and arm media from them so just one more thing to add to the order....freaken expensive hobby...
I two was tired of the sand storms created when the sieo suction cups failed. Here is what I did with a piece of scrap acrylic and two 1/4" plastic screws, the oven and two old spoons to shape the end. Not perfect but it works really well. It mounts in an excisting 1.25" hole in the top of my acrylic tank. The acrylic I used was way thicker then needed, but it is what I had readily available.

I should take a pic of it in use.
i wonder if something like that would work on that little small lip on the trim of glass aquariums. i would think it wouldnt have enough grip since the lip is only about 1/4".hmmm