silica sand and fish/microfauna


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I posted a similar post in the reef fishes forum, but decided to put it up over here to see if I could get some more opinions on this.

Anyone keeping Jawfish (or sand sifting Gobys or sand burrowing wrasses) in silica sand? If so, how long have you had them? Any issues with the "sharper" particles seeming to harm the fish? I've seen some great looking silica sand in recent posts and the price is definately better, especially when adding about 200 pounds worth to a new system.

Also, those with silica sand, have you noticed a good number of worms/critters in your sand beds (evidence of worm "tunnels" near the glass etc.)?

The look of some of the play sand/ utility sand is fantastic and the price is even better. However, I do not want to spare expense at the risk of harming inhabitants. I may want to keep a wrasse or goby and definately want lots of critters in my DSB to keep it functioning well. I'm hoping the sharp edges in the tiny granules wouldn't harm these things but want to know for sure before I stock and build my reef tank.

Any thoughts or personal experiences are greatly appreciated.


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i have a pink spotted shrimp goby(see my gallery) in my tank with silica sand. he has been building sand piles for about a year and a half now. i also had tons of worms, and pods in the sand before i moved. i replaced the sandbed when i moved, saved a little to seed the new sand, i still have some creatures in the sand, and they are multiplying. :D


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Thanks for the reply, Paintbug. That's just the type of info I'm looking for. Anyone else with experiences to share?


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Kolorscape silica sand.

No problems with my sand sleeping wrasses, and there seems to be plenty of spaghetti worms and such.

I dont have any gobies at this point.