Six line Wrasse?


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Hi, I have two six line wrasse's in my 75 gal. tank, last week the smaller of the two went missing. I searched everywhere for it to include the overflow. This afternoon I got home and to my supprise they were both swimming around the tank again. It has been six days without seeing it, the only thing I can think of is maybe it was having babies. Can anyone think of any other reason why it was gone?
Good afternoon TRH,
sixline wrasses tend to go into hiding for a few days then mysteriously show up again, no worries here, i also wouldnt think they are having babies either?
not saying its not possible but i havent heard of any having babies in captivity, hope this helps...
I have one (prob my very fav fish) that takes a few days vacation every now and then, I am about ready to write him off, and he will show up, weird.
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Sometimes they hide when they molt.

funny man.


what I'm thinking is that perhaps you weren't home when they were out and about.

The thing with the "six-line/four-line and a few other..." wrasses is that they form a cocoon when they sleep. And usually they'll hide within the rocks. That maybe the reason why you didn't see them. Other common reef fishes such as clowns & tangs etc... just kinda swim in one place when they sleep, and they're more visible.

well I'm just glad that your wrasses are okay.

one advice though is that you should cover your tank. They WILL jump out one day if it's not covered.