Skimmer and feeding


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My Remora Pro is just broken in and skimming just fine. I decided to leave it on when feeding the reef yesterday, assuming that it would go crazy - I added a realtively large amount of Eric Borneman's recipe (pureed fresh seafood, variety of frozen cubes, powdered flakes, phytoplankton, and some fish oil all blended together). Instead of going crazy, the skimmer stopped skimming for several hours. Why did this happen?:confused


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Skimmers will do this. It's normal and they will pick up skimming a short time afterwards. There's a number of things that can make a skimmer stop skimming or go crazy.


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the oils in the food probably disrupted the surface tension of the water, and skimmers rely on that in order to make the bubbles. It'll happen even if you stick your hands in the water for a while, too.