Skimmer for 30g


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Im debating between the ASM Mini-G and the AE classic 55 and was wondering if anyone preferred one over the other or had any other recommendations (dont really want to spend more than ~140). The tank will be stocked mainly with anemones and small fish. Size shouldnt be an issue as I am going to add an additional sump to house the new skimmer. Thanks in advance.


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well now that you mention it I am feeling a little sick........
No, he has a sump, and while I LOVE the typhoon, it really can not compare to a decent sump based skimmer.


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The AE 135 classic is like one step above that particular octopus. The diameter of the AE is bigger (5.9" vs. 4"). The pump is almost twice the output (590 vs. 260). I would go with the AE simply because you get more for your money. Too bad the AE 135 recirc is no longer selling for $160, because that was definately worth the money.