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Is this what is should be like? Very dry foam like. Looks like the top of a bubble bath. Looks stagnant but bubbles are coming moving.


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Yes, very dry foam, although yours still looks pretty wet. The foam should be so dry that it doesn't flow all the way to the bottom of the collection cup and fill it up like that. The foam should really only make it about halfway down the inside of the collection cup before it collapses. I would consider what you have in the picture very wet foam.

I see you have a drain tube - in my opinion, with the foam you have now, you will be emptying a lot of tank water out the drain tube. If you want to try to get a better gauge, remove/plug the drain line, and if you're filling the collection cup more than about 1/2 way per day, your foam is probably too wet.



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DOn't put too much emphaiss on have on your skimmer. As pointed out above ou don't want it to be emptying your tank andd keep in mind they can't do anything for the hydrophilic DOC that can cause problems with corals and you want to be doing periodic water changes irregardless of what equipment you're running.

I get the impression you're pretty new to reefing, here's some videos by reef scientists you might find informative:

"Coral Reefs in the Microbial Seas" This video compliments Rohwer's book of the same title (Paper back is ~$20, Kindle is ~$10), both deal with the conflicting roles of the different types of DOC in reef ecosystems. While there is overlap bewteen his book and the video both have information not covered by the other and together give a broader view of the complex relationships found in reef ecosystems

Changing Seas - Mysterious Microbes

Nitrogen cycling in hte coral holobiont

BActeria and Sponges

Maintenance of Coral Reef Health (refferences at the end)

Optical Feedback Loop in Colorful Coral Bleaching

Richard Ross What's up with phosphate"

Here's sopm eof my skimmerless systems:

90 Gallon Mixed Reef

500 gallon

Mixed Reef started in 1997, 10-07-19

220 Rimless 450 view