Skimmer Recommendation


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Looks like I am going to have to replace my ASM G1 skimmer. The pump quit and the replacement pump makes it too big for my sump.

I am looking at a skimmer with the pump inside the skimmer. I see there are several brands, eshopps, icecap, red sea, etc.

Any thoughts on which one is both economical as well as a good performer. It will need to fit in a 8.25"x10" chamber. My total water volume is probably between 100-120 gallons.

I see eshopps has a S-xxx and a X-xxx series. Any idea what the difference is? The S-xxx are a little less expensive.

Also see the Icecaps K skimmers are on sale. Are they good skimmers?




I'm going through the same process. It has been many years since i was in the market for a skimmer. I am overwhelmed by the number of brands and many options.

AC vs DC pumps. Pump located on the inside or underneath the skimmer body. The prices vary greatly too.

I read good things about the NYOS QUANTUM 120 with a footprint of 5.9"x 8.3" X 18.3 @ about $400. The price caught me by surprise. Further research revealed that for my needs I will probably pay between $250 and $300.

I did note that ICECAP has skimmers (K1-160) with a footprint 6.7" x 8.5" x 20". It falls within my price range.

I would recommend calling online retailers (not sure if I can name them here) and speaking with their experts. I also visited my LFSs and looked to see what brands they carried and used in their display tanks.

Good luck on your search.


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The Icecaps are currently 20% off at a couple of the big online retailers. That is probably the route I'm going to take.


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Ended up getting an Icecap K1-130. They were 20% off so price was right.

Thanks for the comments. Looking at the Reef Octos and the Icecaps there is very little difference between them. Actually looks like they may share some parts.

Fits very nicely in my sump. Only possible issue will be my water level. They recommend 6-8" and I am at 9", but nothing a platform of some kind wouldn't fix.