skimmer search continues...dang


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its a sad sad day. my new skimmer (an older model of the E-R RC500), arrived a mess today. :furious: 2 boxes were shipped on tuesday, one with 2 sedra 5000 pumps arrived from fed X on wednesday...both with pieces broken off. today, the skimmer finally showed up (2 days late)...also broken and missing pieces. fedX apparently had it sitting in a puddle somewhere, and when the soaked box's corner ripped to shreds, they used about half a roll of tape to try to put it together. after cracking the skimmer and losing the lid. :uzi:

so...anybody know of a decent skimmer that could handle a 240g tank + 100g fuge/sump? damn...i really wish i was going to the frag swap tomorrow now. keep an eye out for me? i don't know how long it will take me to get the $ back from fedX tho. :(

but if you do happen to see one at the frag swap...can you get an email address or phone number from whoever is selling one? pleeeeease?


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Dana~ That sucks!!! I'll keep my eye out for you... I doubt anything that big will be there... But I'll be sure to let you know...


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Hey Dana, I have a My Reef Creations MR2. It's a beckett style skimmer. I think its rated for 300g, but you can also buy a riser to make it a bigger skimmer.

I also have a Panworld 150PS pump to power it. The pump is practically brand new. It was used it for about a month. I cleaned it up and put it back into the box.

I was wanting $350 for both, but just make me an offer if you're interested.