SLASH Club 'Pizza Night Deals' at Gateway Aquatics!


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Just heard from Chad and here's the hookup for tomorrow night!

25% off all reg. priced Livestock Fish, Inverts & Corals

$.49 ea Red Leg hermit Crabs Reg. $1.49 ea and no min or max unless we run out !!

28g HQI Nano cube $249 Reg. $499. Current sale is $299 and they are selling fast at that price! This one night only and we only have 3 but its basically half price $249 each.

We have coolers if anyone needs them for free and we can pack livestock so its good for many hours same as we ship livestock all over the world.

Thanks Chad! :thumbsup:


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Awesome :thumbsup:

I finally moved into a office with an actual door and walls that go all the way up to the ceiling. :eek: A nanocube might look good in there. Productivity might drop though


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check out the sticky's at the top of the forum. there was just a pizza night last night but there will be more just keep your eye out.