snail id please


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Just got my tank setup, and there are alot of snail hitchhikers, all of them are like this here, some smaller, some rather large. This an ok snail? What/should I feed it?




Looks like a turbo snail.

hard to believe it was a hitchhiker, your rock doesn't seem porous enough to have any holes for that guy. He must have been hanging on tight.
there are probably 6-8 of them, I got the rock local from a guys tank, couple hundred pounds of it. drove there and pulled it right out of his tank and has been in rubbermaid containers for the past week and half until last night when I finally got my tank ready.

should I be feeding them something? I will not have fish for a couple weeks probably.
the live rock should probly be sufficient enough for them in giving them the food they need. just remember to glue all your big rocks down well. turbos get pretty big and tip a lot of rocks. if u want, give some flake food. they eat it.