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I would like to know if there is problem to give freeze food from normal market(Japanese or Chinese) for my fishes and corals. I have been checking in the markets near my home and could see, for example, Caviar with good price and good quantity. They are pure, but the problem is the SODIUM quantity in the Nutrition Facts in the cover.

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I'd be more concerned with preservatives, and colorings. I'm more confident buying whole, live foods like clams and freezing at home. Many Asian markets have tanks full of these. The roe is often in a tin, and I think more processed.


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Sodium is the most common cation in seawater. It is there in HUGE quantities. The caviar is high in sodium because it came from this seawater. So does all the other good food for your fish.

I'm with the previous poster, I'd be concerned about the preservatives or colorings. But the sodium is a non-issue for sure.

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My opinion only:
I agree that sodium should not hurt anything. But as a rule I don't use any processed foods for human consumption in the tank. My reasoning, which may be wrong, is there. Luke always be another additive that I don't need. I hear there is raw fish die available in Asian markets and many commercial brands of fish eggs on the market packaged & sold to the hobby. I believe fish eggs are one of the most nutritious foods available - fish go crazy for them.


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Another thing is the type of salt used. Sodium phosphate is pretty common in food, so while the sodium part is nothing to fret over, if you have a phos issue that is something to think about. In that sense the salt is a preservative too. But that's probably true with any flakes or pellets you would add also. I do the same as I do with my own food, the longer the list of ingredients, the more suspicious I am.

Paulb has a thread about feeding clams that you might find interesting, I think it's in the advanced section?