something to hold macro alge


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hey guys i have a canister filter. how can i add something to my tank that can filter the water thru my canister filter and some macro alge to help bring my nitrates down. can i just run from my canister filter to a box with macro algae then back to my tank?


Gone Postal
If I'm imagining what you are asking correctly, then no.

Canister - another tank - back to display: This would rely on the pump from the canister filter to get water to the other tank. You would then need another pump in the other tank to get the water back to your display. Two pumps that would never match ouputs exactly equals a FLOOD.

The trick is getting the water through the canister and the other tank with only using the pump of the canister.

Position the macro tank slightly higher than the display tank. Canister pumps water out of the display, into the macro tank and overflows back into the display. You will have to rig up an overflow on the macro tank for this to work.


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It seems to me, if you want to lower the nitrate levels...Just get rid of the canister filter.
These collect detritus which contribute to your nitrate problem.