Something Weird I've Noticed...


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I've had my queen angel for 3 years now, it has grown over 4 inches from its juvenile colors to its adult colors and is one of the most vibrant queen angels I have ever seen. It also has a very long streamer (like the moorish idol streamers).

I had heard many stories of angels dying out of no where or not doing well because of a lack of sponge in their diet. Well I've tried Angel Formula numerous times over the years and my queen angel just refuses to eat it.

My angel has grown a great amount, very vibrant, and eats very aggresively with no sponge in his/her diet. Makes me think if they really do need it or not?

I feed my angel algae on a clip every couple days, hikari mysis or super marine algae every other day, and Spectrum Large Fish pellets occasionally. My angel will eat almost anything (formula 1, 2, bloodworms, squid, krill, silversides) basically anything, EXCEPT the angel formula.