Splitting Light Times

Old Yeller Tang

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Hi Anthony,

I have a quick question. Can I split the time my lights are on in half? For instance, I want to have them on 4hrs in the morning and 4hrs in the evening. Would this cause stress to my corals and clams?


No worries... you can indeed run corals on "double-time" by splitting the photoperiod.

Many researchers use this approach to trick bio-rhythms and induce double spawning events in fishes, some motile inverts, etc.

Eric B has lent some very lucid and intelligent suggestions regarding this elsewhere in RC (relative to other issues to like acclimation).

Best of luck!

Thanks Anthony!

I'll be changing my timers this weekend!

Do you find that corals grow faster at temps around 80? I noticed that my corals seem to grow faster during Winter time when the tank is between 78-80 than in Summer when the tank is 81-83, mainly 83. Just a thought.


Indeed true for some/many coral species... although it has its limitations regarding concurrent water quality issues to run higher temps (skeletal density, dossolved O2 in water, proliferation of bacteria, etc). Not all of these factors are directly or exclusively correlative though... many other influences just the same. And 80 certainly is not a "high" temp.

So... in a nutshell, Yes... faster growth with higher temps. 78-80 is a fine temp range by me. Just be mindful not to creep too close to 84 or higher without a good reason and some science to back it up. :)

Keep on fraggin in the free world :D