SPS and LPS with LED light? Will it work? Need advice!


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Im wanting to grow SPS and LPS due to my fascination in both, probably mainly SPS though, i Have a 90 gallon tank and a marineland 10,000K White 460nm actinic blue LED light strip, something tells me this wont be enough to get good growth but i just need some input from seasoned veterans! BTW my tank dimensions are 40"L x 18"W x 27"T ( Odd shape and pretty deep and i think it actually calculates to 85 gallons. )


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Many people here have corals growing very nicely under LED. As a rough guess you would need between 60 to 72 3w leds (crees as most use here) to grow what you are describing.


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yes, but: if you're a novice to this topic, I've put a lengthy but informative sticky up at the top of this forum.


really just go to ebay and get the 120w fixtures for $165 shipped and with 2 of them will grow your corals nicely. same thing just without the brand name. Ive seen it personally keep all corals.


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I also have a deep tank 48"L 24 w 29D and I had a 8 bulb tek light on my tank I was really interested in the marineland reef capable so I bought two 48" units and put them on and they looked ok but my tank seemed a little dark so I ordered a third now it looks pretty good but I wanted it a little more blue so I ordered a TrueLumen Pro LED Strip in deep ocean blue I have mostly LPS and a few softys but now I love the way it looks the corals look great and are doing better than they were with the T5s I have beautiful shimmer now I know alot have not givin these fixtures much of a chance but IMHO you have to get the right amount of them on your tank and supplement the blues and your there plus they are really sharp looking. I hope maybe a few more will try these and see what results they end up with.