SPS nano tank


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I don't know how to work that other websight of yours, but the tank looks great!

What is your equiptment list? What kind of matinence do you do on a regular basis? Fish load?



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It is nice to see someone with a small nano tank grow SPS. I have talked to many LFS in my area and only one said it is possiable. You proved the others wrong.


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hi guys, sorry for the late reply.

I am using 4 X 24w T5 for my nano. I have a sump which house a macro skimmer(taiwan made). lights running at 12 hrs. 2 X aquablue + (D&D), 1 D&D actinic pure & 1 aquablue special (ATI). I am running carbon thru filter bag in sump.


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my blog will be frequently updated with pics and tips. Those ppl who are interested can follow up with my blog. Any queries can email me thru my blog also. Thanks!


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I also have a nano for SPS.
Actually, my first ever saltwater tank. It took me 7 months of staring at rocks and sand and learning how to stabilize the water parameters, before I had the guts to buy corals. (Reefer Madness is where I got them, very, very pleased with their service.)
Of course being hard headed I did just the opposite of what I was told and started with SPS. It has been 3 months now since the first corals were introduced. All are healthy and growing(knock on wood).
I love my little box of water, but I can't wait to go bigger.